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Re: typeset question

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Bernd Eggink wrote:
> > I'm confused... These two statements work fine and give the same
> > results:
> >
> >       typeset x=(a b c)
> >
> >       x=($(cat file))
> Actually, the first is not an array assignment; there is nothing
> syntactically special about the parentheses in a typeset statement.
> (In fact, it does grouping in all statements, to make globs using
> parentheses work sensibly, which is why the spaces don't separate words,
> but even so typeset just gets the string `x=(a b c)').  You should find
> x contains the string '(a b c)'.

My confusion was caused by a curious property of 'typeset'. If the
is already defined as a normal variable, and if it is an array, typeset 
does _nothing_. In all other cases it works as expected. Try this:

	typeset x=b	
	print $x	# prints: b

OK... Now try

	unset x
	x=(a b c)
	typeset x=(x y z)
	print $x	# prints: a b c

The contents of the brace gets evaluated, but no assignment takes place.
Bug or 
feature? It's not documented nor does it make sense to me. 

Bernd Eggink
Regionales Rechenzentrum der Uni Hamburg

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