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Re: patch archive set up

luomat+zsh+users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> for example:

> PATCH: 3.0.4 Src/subst.c 

I agree with Geoff Wing, a description is more sensible, since source changes 
often have (or should have!) associated documentation changes, at least.

I'd like the archive to be semi-automatically appliable, so I'd like to be 
able to grab the most recent zsh from the archive, grab all the patches 
(filtering on the version number), and run a zsh script to apply them all.  So 
as a start, I'd suggest that all patches ought to be taken at the top source 
level (so I'd do "cd zsh-3.1.2; patch -p0 < ..."), and that mails would 
contain either the actual patch, or a gzipped/compressed patch, but not tarred 
stuff, because that's more fiddly to process.

I must admit, I'd prefer just a patched version to be made available, say once 
a week or something.  Does anybody keep a zsh suitably patched?

My reason is that normally I haven't been patching zsh, but just recently 
there have been a couple of useful patches that I wanted, so I was forced to 
try to get up to date enough to apply them, and it wasn't trivial!  In fact, I 
eventually couldn't apply them cleanly, but I got what I wanted and still have 
a working zsh.

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