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Re: helpfiles

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> Here's the latest version of helpfiles, referred to in what (when sent)
> was an earlier posting.
> There are some reflections which go along with it:
> Originally the help files were included, then they were deleted
> partly (I think) to save space and partly because they were hard to keep
> up to date.  I've a vague feeling there was some kind of suggestion
> of putting them back in production releases.  Could they be automatically
> generated using helpfiles for each release, and perhaps put in a
> separate file?  This should be pretty trivial to automate; obviously
> it's not worth doing patch by patch.

What abot including these help files in program itself? (That is, for
every command add string with description). These way it is possible  
provide help for user-defined commands (from loadable modules). The manual
page for zshbuiltins itself could then be generated from these
descriptions; this way, if some module is added to distribution, it will
be automatically included.

Also, _quite_ fine would be to have this description as separate file
(for modules as well - let's say zsh.msg for zsh, comctl.msg and so on).
It would provide fo easy i18n sometimes ;)

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