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Re: helpfiles

On Nov 7,  3:30pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

: What abot including these help files in program itself? (That is, for
: every command add string with description). These way it is possible  
: provide help for user-defined commands (from loadable modules). The manual
: page for zshbuiltins itself could then be generated from these
: descriptions; this way, if some module is added to distribution, it will
: be automatically included.

How about a compile time option as to whether these get put in the
binary itself?

Also, it would be nicer/easier to maintain documentation if it were kept
in the source itself (c.f. AmigaOS and it's AutoDocs) - the
documentation for a module (being a function, builtin or whatever; not
necessarily a zsh module) is kept in the source in the form of special
comments, with headings similar to those of man pages:

/****** nameofmodulegroup/nameofspecificpartofmodule





I know that this does clutter the source somewhat, but it is far easier
for the programmer to quickly edit the documentation if it is in the
same file as that he is editing at the time, especially if that
documentation is within a few lines of the code he has just changed.  

Just a suggestion.

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