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zsh and history


Can someone help me?

Is there an option (or is this planed)
that process history lines like tcsh 

% set histfile = ~/.history
% set histdup  = erase
% set history  = 1000
% set savehist = (  900  merge )

This means i have an history file of 1000 lines
Each time a tcsh dies it save at most 900 lines
AND the most important :
Each time I write a new line, if it is already 
in the history (eg line 233) then line 233 is
erased and the new line is pushed in the history
This means ALL the commands in my history are unique.
I have only found the Zsh Optin : HIST_IGNORE_DUPS

I really miss this thing as i was using history a
lot in my tcsh, but decided to use the *exellent* zsh.

please reply to mailto:Olivier.Sirol@xxxxxxx

Thanks for giving us zsh!!!


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