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Re: Help!A Question

zhouyhong wrote:
> Dear Zsh workers:
> 	I'm a newcomer of Zshell.
> 	I encounter a problem when I use Zshell
> 	when I use the following alias:
> 	alias fn='find . -name ''*''\!:1''*'' -print'

What's this *thing*?  You been using csh, or something?  Get it hence.
You need a function here:
 	function fn { find . -name '*'$1'*' -print }

This is in the FAQ, when explaining differences from csh.  It is
apparently not explicitly mentioned anywhere else, which I think is a
documentation bug (I think it should be under HISTORY EXPANSION or under
ALIASING, or both.)  I do realize that if someone read the evaluation
order, it'd be obvious, but be honest - how many people do you expect
would read something that unrelated?

(Ed covers his face with his hand as everyone but shoughong raises their
hand.)  NO!  Not you developer types - you've read the documentation
just because it's there.  I mean the user types, dang it!  Generally, if
they read the docs which are obviously directly related to what they're
doing, it's pretty amazing.  Put stuff like this there.


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