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Re: Bizarre Solaris problem

Anthony Heading wrote:
> Haha!  A quick update in case anyone is thinking about this.
> The problem I've just tracked down to process limits.  csh is
> initialising with the maxmimum number of file descriptors set to 64
> (indeed the value of OPEN_MAX and supposedly the maximum limit
> therefore for RLIMIT_NOFILE).
> getrlimit(), however,  believes that the maximum number of file
> descriptors is 1024, and zsh is bumping the limit up to that value.
> This appears to confuse the 4.1.3 gethostbyname().

We saw this business apropos of something else a while ago.  OPEN_MAX
is actually not the maximum limit, since it's run-time configurable
under Solaris 2.  So presumably the difference that's causing the OS bug
to show up is because csh is too old-fashioned to care.  Unless there's
some reason for not following getrlimit() if all those descriptors aren't

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