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Re: comments in completion

On Nov 17,  1:54pm, Bruce Stephens wrote:
} Subject: Re: comments in completion
} A better way to do it might be to extend the programmable completion a bit,
} so the function could set both the list of possibilities and a list of 
} descriptions of them.

It wouldn't have to be a list of descriptions; one string would be sufficient.
(That's the best you get now with -X anyway.)

My point was that you can't *just* extend the -K function.  You might have
perfectly good completion that doesn't use -K but that needs to compute an
explanation string.

It'd probably be sufficient to make a variant of -X that applies expansions
in the manner of -s.

BTW, compctl -s is mentioned in the summary but never explained in the text
of the zsh.texi that came with 3.0.5.

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