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Re: histchars

On Nov 29, 10:53am, Clint Adams wrote:
} Subject: Re: histchars
} > Hm.  No offense, but ... do you guys always change anything that anybody
} > submits a bug report for?
} No.  Do you disagree with the decision?

You yourself said you didn't know why it was necessary.  The ChangeLog file
has these two entries from the same date:

Wed Jul 31 19:10:04 1996  Zoltan Hidvegi  <hzoli@xxxxxxxxxx>

        * Src/version.h: zsh-3.0-pre5 released

        * Src/hashtable.h, Src/params.c, Src/zsh.h: {E,}{U,G}ID, USERNAME,
          histchars, HISTCHARS, IFS are not imported

Since those variables were imported prior to 3.0, and that was deliberately
changed a year and a half ago, and nobody's complained to zsh-workers about
it in all that time, I tend to think that it ought to be left alone -- at
least until you know why it could be considered a bug.  (Perhaps for bash
or ksh behavior equivalence?)

I'd actually prefer it if *fewer* variables, rather than more, were imported
when shells start up.  It was fine when there were essentially two shells (sh
and csh) that shared no special variables; but now there are a dozen or more
sharing the same namespace.  For example, there are about three shells with
incompatible formats for PS1; it's annoying when zsh imports bash's prompt.

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