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Re: Problem with autoload.

Kevin Sullivan wrote:

> Hello, 
>   I am having a problem with autoload and subsequently resolving the
> functions. Here are the particulars.
> (kevins@drkstr)(zsh:434)% echo $ZSH_VERSION 
> 3.1.2
> (kevins@drkstr)(zsh:435)% uname -a
> OSF1 drkstr.lkg.dec.com V4.0 375 alpha
> When I try to resolve an autoload function zsh core dumps. Here is the
> setup procedure:
> ...
> I tried looking through the code somewhat but I am really unfamiliar
> with it. I am hoping one of the zsh-workers can enlighten me to what I
> am doing wrong. I am sure that I have not set up something quite right
> but I am at a loss. I have read through all the information I can
> find. I have been using zsh for many years. All of my functions and
> scripts I have loaded into a large (getting very large) file I load in
> at login time. I would like to break up that file and use autoload and
> fpath can you help me out. 

I sent a patch for this some time ago, here is the old message:



Dunno if there was a patch for this before...

In 3.1.2 autoloaded functions are implemented by making them
(internally) functions which load themselves. For this there is a new
struct autofn and a corresponding description in utils.c.
This descriptions says that the struct has one extra integer that
should be copied in dupstruct2(). But in fact there is a pointer which
should be copied directly. Due to sizeof(int) != sizeof(Shfunc) on an
Alpha this doesn't copy the pointer, leaving it zero, causing a SEGV
later on.
The patch below is probably a bit simple (-minded), but it works.


*** utils.c.old	Wed Oct  8 10:48:31 1997
--- utils.c	Wed Oct  8 09:04:20 1997
*** 1668,1674 ****
--- 1668,1678 ----
      NT_SET(N_IF, 0, NT_NODE | NT_ARR, NT_NODE | NT_ARR, 0, 0),
      NT_SET(N_WHILE, 1, NT_NODE, NT_NODE, 0, 0),
+ #if SIZEOF_LONG == 8
+     NT_SET(N_AUTOFN, 3, 0, 0, 0, 0),
+ #else
      NT_SET(N_AUTOFN, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0),
+ #endif


Zoltan, are you currently in the process of putting together a 3.1.3?
(Or am I the only one who hesitates to build patches due to a missing
definition of `official patches' or `patches that will go into the
next release'?)


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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