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zsh reference card[s]

I've finally got a more or less presentable version of a `reference
card' for zsh 3.0, except with this being zsh it's actually on six
sides, even three columns to a page.  You can find LaTeX2e source and
PostScript output at


Even spread over six pages the descriptions are terse, and unless you
already know zsh it won't be much use.

The LaTeX uses a few macro packages available in the extended LaTeX2e
distribution (they seem to be present in teTeX).  It is currently
optimised for A4 paper (and the printer here refuses to print it, so
I've relied on gv).  If someone sends me alterations for other formats
I will include them.

Actually, the formatting (quite apart from the inevitable mistakes)
could probably do with some moving around to make more of each section
fit on the same page.  If anybody feels underused and wishes to play
around they should feel free.  It is, however, designed for printing,
so there is not much hope of supporting more general formats like
HTML.  I don't plan on doing any more work on it myself before

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