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Re: PATCH: even better history-search-{for,back}ward for 3.1.4

} > I hope not ... the new code ought to search for "fc" (without the
} > space),
} No, the only time history-search-backward omits the space is if you
} start the search without a space on the line

That means that a line consisting of exactly one word, say "ls", does
not match a search for `a line beginning with the first word of "ls -l"'.
It also means that a line beginning with "ls	" (tab) won't match.

I see that this has actually been a bug all along, and your patch is at
least better in that you can get rid of the space by cursor positioning;
but surely if metadiffer() can't handle `word boundary' as a token, then
it should get special-cased in the caller rather than using space as a
poor substitute ...

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