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PATH: was Re: [Q] user-defined completion

Didier Verna wrote:

> Sven Guckes <guckes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Quoting Didier Verna (verna@xxxxxxxxxxx): > I'd like to write a function for
> > special command line completion, but that is > aware of the program whose
> > command line we're completing. After reading the > doc, I see that
> > user-defined functions get 2 arguments: pre and postfix. Is there a way to
> > make such functions aware of the program name ? Any ideas ?
> > Are talking about "completion control" with "compctl"?  
> 	Possibly, yes.
> > "man zshcompctl"!
> 	That's what I meant by saying "after reading the doc". But it seems
> that the answer is no. So, in case I'm missing something, or I'm just blind,
> I would have liked to know if somebody knows a way to achieve this.

Here is a patch for the Docs that makes `read' be mentioned at the
description for the `-K' option.


*** Doc/Zsh/compctl.yo.old	Tue Jun 23 14:57:59 1998
--- Doc/Zsh/compctl.yo	Tue Jun 23 15:00:12 1998
*** 255,260 ****
--- 255,262 ----
  passed two arguments: the prefix and the suffix of the word on which
  completion is to be attempted, in other words those characters before
  the cursor position, and those from the cursor position onwards.  The
+ whole command line can be accessed with the tt(-c) and tt(-l) flags
+ of the tt(read) builtin. The
  function should set the variable tt(reply) to an array containing
  the completions (one completion per element); note that tt(reply)
  should not be made local to the function.  From such a function the

Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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