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Re: Compctl completion tweaking

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From: Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>With menucompetion this may make sense, though. With MENU_COMPLETE set
>this can (almost) obtained by avoiding to use xor'ed compctls. But
>with AUTO_MENU we would need some special casing in the code. And in
>this case it may again be confusing: you try completion, it shows you,
>say, two or three possible completions, so you decide to continue
>tabbing to start menucompletion instead of typing the charcter neede
>to make things unambiguous. But instead of cycling through the few
>matches shown it suddenly uses the other xor-cases and starts cycling
>through a list of, say, 20 or more completions. Certainly not what I
>would expect (or like).
>For me, the only acceptable way to solve this would be a new compctl
>syntax for something like: xor'ed completion, but if this is used for
>menucompletion (because of MENU_COMPLETE or AUTO_MENU), use the
>following options immediatly. If we use `++' for that we would have:
>  compctl -g '*.rpm' ++ -g '*(-/)' ...

Which reminds me of the suggestion I made long long ago ... What about the
way to *reject* current list? That is, if I find current list unaceptable, I
simply say "hey, go on next alternative". I find it better than to simply
splash out all possible choices.


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