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Re: zsh exits suddenly.

On Jun 24, 10:51am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: zsh exits suddenly.
} I can't be absolutely sure if all that lastc stuff is really needed.
} It means, of course, that if there is more than one line in the
} buffer, only the current one is flushed.  Is this the right behaviour?

This isn't changed by your patch, right?  It was the behavior all along?

I think the intent is to prevent accept-line from executing a partial
line following a tty interrupt.  That probably ought to apply to multi-
line buffers as well.  The guideline should probably be, what does ZLE
do to a multiline buffer when send-break is executed?  The SIGINT handler
ought to do the same thing.  (In fact, why doesn't it call sendbreak()
when ZLE is active?)

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