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Re: PATCH: 3.1.4: flushing input properly

On Jun 26, 12:17pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: PATCH: 3.1.4: flushing input properly
} Most of the patch is converting inerrflush() to herrflush().  In fact,
} inerrflush() is now only called from the signal handler, but I wanted
} to alter that as little as possible.  I hope nobody was particularly
} attached to discard_input().

This looks good.  Just one question ... why does discard_input() clear
and then set errflag, and why doesn't herrflush() need to do the same?

} A slightly different issue: it remains the case that the shell
} blithely ignores parse errors, executing any commands it comes across

Hrm.  That's particularly bad given that "zsh -ef" does the same thing.
It at least ought to give up when told to exit on error.

} You might well argue it
} ought to give up on the first error, as ksh does.  That needs careful
} handling, though, to distinguish between running scripts, running
} interactively, and sourcing a file.

I believe the reason it behaves as it does is for purposes of sourcing
a file, so that syntax errors in .zshrc et. al. don't cause the entire
init process to fail.  That's a nicety I'd rather not give up.

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