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Re: PATCH: Re: Backticks In zshenv

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> I'm now 99% certain that the SIGWINCH is causing read() to fail with EINTR
> during the fgetc() in readoutput() in exec.c.
> I'm unable to adequately test the following patch at the moment, as it's
> inconvenient to muck with the shells on the RH5.1 machine, but it doesn't
> break anything obvious on my RH4.2 machine at home.  If anyone has time to
> try this out, please tell the list whether it works.

I wasn't seeing the problems reported, but the patch works in the
following sense:  I have a test script

foo=$(sleep 10; id -u)
print "foo=$foo"

which I ran with a background zsh.  I sent that a SIGWINCH while the
$(...) was sleeping, and without the patch the final message was


while with it I got


which is correct.  This appears to be repeatable.

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