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zsh-workers: zsh-3.1.5 released


Zsh version 3.1.5 has been released, and an announcement posted to

In the end I didn't have time to look through the various compctl
patches in detail, so none of the major changes got into the release.
These should go into 3.1.6.  A couple of older patches (including the
dynamic loading on AIX) are still pending, for much the same reason.

Sven: would you please update your completion patches, and post
new versions based on vanilla 3.1.5.  Specifically, the patches for
inclusive ORing, grouping of completions, and the configurable fuzziness
of matching.  I like all of these features.

There are some funky new configure tests, in order to handle generically
problems reported with specific systems.  In the case of QNX, for example,
there are now configure tests for the d_ino and d_stat members of struct
dirent.  Could everyone please watch the new tests (if you reuse your
cache file, they're the tests that aren't cached) to make sure they do
the right thing on your system.

Also, as of this version, I want the MACHINES file to list the latest
zsh version actually compiled on each OS.  Some of the information there
is very old, and I'd like to have some indication of how relevant it
is to new versions.  So everyone compiling on a minority architecture,
please drop me (*not* the list) an email.  Please try compiling both
with and without dynamic loading enabled; remember to start each build
with a freshly unpacked source tree.

There's more I could say, but I've got to get up in six hours, and I've
grown unaccustomed to skipping a night's sleep.


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