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Re: Arithmetic expression (bug?)

Typing away merrily, Bernd Eggink produced the immortal words:
> > -----------------------------< cut here >-------------------------------
> > foo=alpha
> > print -- ${(l<$[10]><x>)foo}
> > print -- ${(l<10><x>)foo}
> > -----------------------------< cut here >-------------------------------
> > why does the third line produce:
> > ./testfile: error in flags [3]
> > ?
> I can't reproduce this. For me it works perfectly. I get the expected
> xxxxxalpha
> Hm, are you sure the right shell is started with your script? 

Yes.  I used ``zsh -f'' and this is 3.1.5, with, as I said, no patches.

Extra detail:
 OS:   SuSE Linux (2.0.34+patches kernel)
 Arch: x86 PC (AMD K6)
 Configure options: --enable-dynamic
 Misc: Defaults used for all stages of install, except for enabling
 Note: I know I'm missing something ...

Note that there are two print statements.  The first works, the second

And I know, I probably shouldn't use a 3.1.x as a default shell, but
I've come to rely on things like widgets.  If for nothing else, then to
have an invocation of setfont(8) bound to a func-key to restore sanity
after X11 horribly hexes things.  And having cdpause(1) bound is one of
those things you wonder how you ever did without.

I'm on the list now, BTW, so there's no need to CC.  But thanks anyway.
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