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Re: bug in 3.1.4 completion


I grabbed 3.1.5 and have a few comments...

(remember to copy me on replies. thanks)

>>>>> "Sven" == Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Sven> greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have found a minor bug in zsh 3.1.4 completion related to the
>> automagic removal of completed slashes.  If I invoke zsh -f, 
>> % mkdir test
>> % cd test
>> % mkdir foo
>> % mkdir foo/bar foo/barbaz
>> % ls f               ; now type TAB
>>   -> foo/            ; now type TAB
>>   -> foo/bar         ; now type SPACE
>>   -> foo/ba          ; notice the "r" got removed.
>> This only seems to happen if you complete "foo" then
>> immediately hit TAB again.  If you type part of "bar" and
>> then TAB it functions correctly.

Sven> There was a missing fixsuffix() when inserting the unambiguous string
Sven> for normal completion. It's fixed by the second hunk in the patch
Sven> below (this is for 3.1.5, but you can easily insert the call to
Sven> fixsuffix() in 3.1.4 in do_ambiguous() in the else-branch of the `if(p)').

As Bart noted, this is fixed in 3.1.5 as found on the ftp site.
Your second hunk is not even close to applying.

>> While I'm at it I have a few other nits about the completion system
>> (which on the whole I think is excellent).
>> First, another somewhat inconvenient behavior related to slash removal
>> (again zsh -f, and with the same directories created above):
>> % ls fo bar      ; position the cursor on the space after the "o", hit TAB
>>   -> foo/ bar    ; now, the cursor is still on the space after the "/".
>> ; hit Control-d to delete the space 
>>   -> foo/bar     ; with cursor on "b".  now Control-e (end-of-line) and
>>   -> foobar      ; the "/" gets removed.  ugh.

Sven> Here is another missing call to fixsuffix() (fixed by the first
Sven> hunk). This one goes into deletecharorlist() which has to do the
Sven> itself since the calling code doesn't call fixsuffix() since it may
Sven> use the completion code.

Fixed with the first hunk.  Thanks.

>> Another behavior that's not quite right IMHO is completeinword:
>> % setopt noalwaystoend completeinword
>> % ls fo/bar         ; position cursor on "/", hit TAB
>>   -> foo/bar/       ; hit TAB again
>>   -> foo/bar//      ; hit TAB again
>>   -> foo/bar///     ; etc, never listing possible completions
>> Even if I move past the "/", or even "b" it never jumps to the end of
>> "bar".

Sven> This is fixed in 3.1.5 with my last patches.

Do you mean a patch on top of 3.1.5, or one included in 3.1.5?
This does not appear to be fixed in 3.1.5 proper.


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