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Re: bug in 3.1.4 completion

greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Sven> There was a missing fixsuffix() when inserting the unambiguous string
> Sven> for normal completion. It's fixed by the second hunk in the patch
> Sven> below (this is for 3.1.5, but you can easily insert the call to
> Sven> fixsuffix() in 3.1.4 in do_ambiguous() in the else-branch of the `if(p)').
> As Bart noted, this is fixed in 3.1.5 as found on the ftp site.
> Your second hunk is not even close to applying.

I guess for those on the list it is clear already, but to make sure
(and for you, Greg): I meant a 3.1.5 with some patches I sent to the
list. In that version the patch is needed.

> Sven> This is fixed in 3.1.5 with my last patches.
> Do you mean a patch on top of 3.1.5, or one included in 3.1.5?
> This does not appear to be fixed in 3.1.5 proper.

Again, this is for 3.1.5 with the (rather biggish) patches.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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