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Re: bug 3.1.5 symlinks & cd

Phil Pennock wrote:

> Using a stock zsh-3.1.5, there seems to be some problem with completion
> using one interpretation of a directory tree with symlinks, and cd using
> another.  (Linux 2.0.x on x86.)
> % zsh-3.1.5 -f
> machinename% PS1='%~%# '
> ~% mkdir tmp/tst && cd tmp/tst
> ~/tmp/tst% mkdir foo foo/bar wibble
> ~/tmp/tst% ln -s foo/bar .
> ~/tmp/tst% cd bar
> ~/tmp/tst/bar% 
> At this points, try tab-completing "cd ../" and you get "../bar", try
> ../w<tab> and it beeps.  Try "../../w<tab>" and you get the wibble
> directory completed, but:
> ~/tmp/tst/bar% cd ../../wibble
> cd: no such file or directory: ../../wibble
> ~/tmp/tst/bar% cd ../wibble
> ~/tmp/tst/wibble% compctl -L cd
> compctl: no compctl defined for cd
> Note that the ../wibble refuses to tab-complete.

Damn. Currently I see no simple solution for this. It looks as if we
would need a compctl flag for completing paths with special sym-link
handling just for `cd' and friends which seem to be the only builtins
that use CHASESYMLINKS for their arguments.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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