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Line editor - "get word from history"

I was reading an article on the WWW recently, which compared various
shells. One feature of tcsh which was commented on favourably was the
history stuff. Two particular features I liked:

1. A keypress to move to a previous history line which matched what you
had typed so far on the line. Zsh has this, in history-beginning-search-
backward (although I'd prefer this if it moved the cursor to the end of
the line, but retained knowledge of the part I had typed, so that I
could continue backwards matching what I had typed, or stop and add to
the end of the line).

2. A keypress to complete the current word, using the words in previous
history lines - imagine 
    mkdir a-very-long-name
    cd a-<complete>

I looked in the zsh documentation I have (not totally up-to-date) and
could find nothing like (2). Is it available in the latest version, and
if not, is there any chance of it being added?

Paul Moore.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author