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Re: Snapshots

Helmut Jarausch wrote:
> As an onlooker only, I would like to make the suggestion, that some of
> you prepare a snapshot which contains recent patches.
> I have just done that myself and it was somewhat hard and I am still not
> sure I have got all patches. Still, it compiles and seems to run.
> Such a snapshot could be a patchbase for more recent patches.
> Looking through the archived mailing list it was not always clear
> which patch should have been applied first.

I've been doing this, but quite deliberately haven't posted messages
about it to zsh-users, since it's really for people who are involved
in the discussions on zsh-workers.  The official zsh-3.1.x releases
are in any case betas, it didn't seem a good idea to spread the dirty
washing out any further.  It's at


It's a couple of weeks old and I'll probably update it once more
before Christmas (I have a large module which I'm going to post before

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