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Re: PATCH: stat option to set hash

Phil Pennock wrote:
> Normally zsh acts as a filter controller, not a data-source beyond basic
> user-input stuff.  I know I'm not important in zsh development, but it
> just feels wrong when I see stat shove stuff to stdout.

That's why there's the options for using variables.  It would be silly
to provide that and not go the extra mile to show the user what comes
out.  Then you'd have to write a stat function front end to the stat
builtin front end to the stat system call.  That's also why it's a
module and not part of the shell.

And since it doesn't seem worth a separate message to say so:  it
occurred to me that the replacement text in ${...//old/new} should
undergo $-substitution, like the pattern, but it's not worth producing
another patch until there's something to go with it.

And I think most people can use unidiffs these days, we're just

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