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Re: PATCH: wrapper functions in modules

Typing away merrily, Peter Stephenson produced the immortal words:
> And someone pointed out MODULE_PATH is a bit generic for a
> shell-specific variable, you never know what something else is going
> to do with the environment variable.

Since MODULE_PATH is only used by zsh and any zsh normall uses .zshenv,
it can be set there.  Why pollute the environment needlessly.

The namespace is getting a bit polluted though, yes.  Perhaps a few more
variables should start with 'Z', just as 'modload' became 'zmodload'.
And I know that they're local and will just shadow other variables, but
I keep looking at the ZLE special variable like CURSOR and wincing a

A thought:
How about a convention that any special variables, and perhaps commands,
defined by a module should start with that module's name, and a leading
Z or z if the module name doesn't start with a z?  Exemptions for
specific overrides such as the files module or where it's just a
modularisation of established naming (sched).  But we'd then have zstat,
zexample, etc.
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