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_a2ps doesn't complete

      "${descr[(r)Known style sheets*]#*        }"
      "${descr[(r)Known encodings*]#*   }"
      "${descr[(r)Known media*]#*       }"
      "${descr[(r)Known prologues*]#*   }"
      "${descr[(r)Known PostScript Printer Descriptions*]#*     }"
      "${descr[(r)Known output destination*]#*  }"
      "${descr[(r)Known user options*]#*        }"
      "${descr[(r)Known Variables*]#*   }"

does not match

zsh/3 4 % a2ps --list=features
Known Style Sheets
  68000     coqv         for90-fixed  mail     plsql    shell      tk
  a2psrc    cpp          for90-free   make     ppd      sml        udiff
  ada       csh          for90kwds    matlab4  pre      sql        unity
  asn1      cxx          fortran      mib      pretex   sql92      vba
  autoconf  dc_shell     gmake        modula2  prolog   ssh        verilog
  awk       eiffel       gnuc         modula3  promela  symbols    vhdl
  b         elisp        html         o2c      ps       tcl        vrml
  c         eps          idl          oberon   python   tclx       vtcl
  caml      for-fixed    initora      objc     rexx     tcsh       wdiff
  card      for-free     is5rul       octave   sather   tex        yacc
  chlog     for77-fixed  java         oracle   scheme   texinfo    zsh
  claire    for77-free   lace         pascal   sdl88    texscript
  clisp     for77kwds    lex          perl     sh       tiger

Known Encodings
  ascii  ibm-cp437  iso1  iso3  iso5  iso9   iso13  koi8  ms-cp1250
  hp     ibm-cp850  iso2  iso4  iso7  iso10  iso15  mac

Known Media
  10x14  A4    A5  B5         Folio   Legal   Letterdj  Statement
  A3     A4dj  B4  Executive  Ledger  Letter  Quarto    Tabloid

Known Prologues
  bold  bw  color  diff  gray  gray2  matrix

Known PostScript Printer Descriptions
  level1  level2

Known Outputs (Printers, etc.)
  display  file  void

Applications configured for delegation
  Acrobat      ImageMagick  ImageMagick  bzip2-a2ps  gzip-a2ps
  Groff        ImageMagick  Netscape     dvips       texi2dvi
  ImageMagick  ImageMagick  PsNup        gzip-a2ps   texi2dvi

Known User Options
  book  display  longmail  lp  mail  manual

Known Variables
  del.a2ps     del.psselect  lp            pl.short       user.host
  del.dvips    del.psselnup  lp.default    toc            user.login
  del.imagick  del.texi2dvi  lp.hook.book  user.comments  user.name
  del.psnup    ghostview     pl.long       user.home

Capitalizing the appropriate words in _a2ps results in the desired behavior.

zsh/3 5 % a2ps --version
GNU a2ps 4.12c
Written by <Akim.Demaille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <Miguel.Santana@xxxxxx>.

Copyright (c) 1988-93 Miguel Santana
Copyright (c) 1995-99 Akim Demaille, Miguel Santana
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

Are there actually versions of a2ps that produce the original case mixture?

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