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Re: PATCH: improvement to user@host completions

Adam Spiers wrote:

> There's also the `Completion System Configuration' section of the info
> pages.  Is it a deliberate choice that descriptions of most of the
> standard completion functions (e.g. _dirs, _users, _groups) are
> missing from the info pages?  If not, should they go in the `Utility
> Functions' section, or maybe in a new section immediately following it?

Deliberate in the sense that noone (at least not me) took the time to
write that. *But* I already wished we had it, too. So, if you offer to 
write them: yes, please ;-)

I'd vote for a separate section because the function in `Utility
Functions' don't generate the matches themselves, they are told what
should be added, whereas functions like `_users' decide that for

(This may also be a bit of a banana problem: `_x_colors' and friends?)

> Out of curiosity, has anyone any ideas on what the official release
> plans are for the near future?  3.1.7 soon, or not?  Are there any
> more big plans for 3.2?

At least I am only still dreaming of a generic package system (to
replace the ad hoc compinit and friends) and of a cleanup for the
keymap stuff.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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