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RE: BUG: RE: What happened to _path_files?

> Only if the thing starts with a slash, right? The PREFIX parameter
> wasn't set correctly.

Still something strange:

bor@itsrm2:~%> zsh -f
itsrm2% autoload compinit; compinit -D
itsrm2% ls /tools/share/zsh
functions      functions.old
itsrm2% ls /t/s/z/f/_<TAB>
itsrm2% ls /tools/share/zsh/functions/_<TAB>
itsrm2% ls /tools/share/zsh/functions/_
zsh: do you wish to see all 180 possibilities?

but, I do have _* in functions.old:

itsrm2% ls /tools/share/zsh/functions.old
_a2ps                   _other_accounts         _tilde
_cd                     _path_files             _urls
_history_complete_word  _perl_modules           _yodl
_man                    _perldoc                compinit
_my_accounts            _rpm

so, I'd expect to presented with ambiguous "functions functions.old" ... or was
something changed in respect to exact matches? I remember, we already had almost
the same problem back in pre-3.1.6.

With my settings it is even worse:

bor@itsrm2:~%> l /t/s/z/f/_<TAB>
bor@itsrm2:~%> l /tools/share/zsh/functions/_<TAB>
functions/      functions.old/
bor@itsrm2:~%> l /tools/share/zsh/functions/_a2ps<TAB>
unctions/      functions.old/
bor@itsrm2:~%> l /tools/share/zsh/functions/_aliases
functions/      functions.old/


I rememeber having exactly the same bug once ...

bor@itsrm2:~%> compconf -L
compconf correct_accept='2n'
compconf match_original='yes'
compconf completer='_oldlist:_complete:_match'
compconf dumpfile='/home/bor/.zcompdump'
compconf oldlist_list='_match'
compconf path_cursor='yes'
compconf match_insert='unambig'
compconf correct_prompt='correct to:'


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