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Re: PATCH: _urls, _netscape, a seg fault and new completion thoughts

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> Partly this was caused by `_netscape' not declaring enough local
> parameters (`line' and `options' were missing). Or more precisely

I hadn't realised the significance of the part about line and options in
the documentation. It should possibly be made very clear in the
_arguments documentation that you need to declare line and opt_args

> > Is there a good reason why I don't get a list of matches when
> > completing inside quotes? This is the general case not anything to do
> > with completing urls etc. e.g. cd 'm<tab> will complete to 'man/ but
> > if I added another directory beginning with m, nothing would happen - no
> > list. 
> Hm, this works for me -- unless you mean `cd man m<TAB>' which of
> course shouldn't work.

I did mean as I said. It still doesn't work (3.1.6-pws-6 on AIX or 3.1.6
on Linux). I tried it also with zsh -f;autoload -U compinit;compinit so
it isn't my setup files preventing it from working. Double quotes have
the same problem as single. Am I possibly missing a required option or
configuration key (or patch since pws-6)? Does anyone else have the same

One other thought I have relating to the new completion system stems
from the following line which I still have in my .zshrc:

compctl -M 'm:{a-z}={A-Z}'

It might be better if a configuration key was added to give a default
matching control.

The only other compctl line I have left in .zshrc is:
compctl -k '( )' true false
So to completely cleanse my setup of the old completion system I'd also
have to create a function which explicitly completes nothing.

Anyway, thanks Sven for those fixes

Oliver Kiddle

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