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Re: PATCH: _urls again (Re: setopt localoptions noautoremoveslash)

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> One strange behaviour I find with completing urls is that with
> urls_localhttpd set, when I complete user directories, menu
> selection is entered imediately rather than waiting for a second tab:
> e.g: netscape http://risc10/~<tab> will insert 'ada' and give me the
> list with 'ada' selected rather than just giving me the list. This
> behaviour continues when completing files and directories after the
> username. 
> I've also noticed that with this dual file/directory completion and
> description_format set, I get 'file' aswell as 'directory' at the top
> of the list even if there were no files to complete. 

Do you mean to say that you still get this or that you fixed it? At
least I don't get either of these after your patch. If you still get
them, I need more information about your configuration and the
possible matches that triggered it.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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