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Menuselect question(s) and problem(s)

1. Is it possible to force menuselect (special key binding?) in case one match
is exact? I mean, currently if I have "foo" and "foobar" I get first a list of
both. Unfortunately, the next TAB starts from the scratch ... thus matching
"foo" and skipping any menu completion alltogether. (BTW I really think that it
were better to reuse old matches ... is it still not possible?)

2. Something strange still happens (with all current patches):

bor@itsrm2:~%> l /t/s/z/f/_<TAB>
bor@itsrm2:~%> l /tools/share/zsh/functions/_
functions/      functions.old/

(here we have exactly the case of the first question :-) press TAB once more:

bor@itsrm2:~%> l /tools/share/zsh/functions/_a2ps
functions/      functions.old/

Ooops. It starts menu completion - but I have SELECTMIN=0 and expect
menuselection to be started.

bor@itsrm2:~%> compconf -L
compconf completer='_oldlist:_complete:_match'
compconf correct_accept='2n'
compconf correct_prompt='correct to:'
compconf dumpfile='/home/bor/.zcompdump'
compconf match_insert='unambig'
compconf match_original='yes'
compconf oldlist_list='_match'
compconf path_cursor='yes'

bor@itsrm2:~%> set | grep SELECT


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author