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built-in problem?

I appologize for sending to this email list.  I tried the
one but it seems to be defunct.

I have a problem with zsh in that it gives me an error
when it is invoked by some interactive tool, for example.

Here is the output I see when, for example, I run an interactive
shell for a relational database tool (don't get too hung up on what
I'm running, I see it on other things as well; this just happens
to be the most recent):

% ttIsql
/export/home/tdillard/.zshrc[16]: syntax error: `(' unexpected

Here is the first few lines of my .zshrc file.  The offending
line 16 is the "cdpath" line.

# $Id: zshrc,v 2.0 1996/05/02 22:57:04 hzoli Exp $
# Generic .zshrc file for zsh 2.7
# .zshrc is sourced in interactive shells.  It
# should contain commands to set up aliases, functions,
# options, key bindings, etc.
echo ".zshrc"

# Search path for the cd command
cdpath=(. $HOME)

# Use hard limits, except for a smaller stack and no core dumps
limit stack 8192
#limit core 0
#limit -s


I just re-installed zsh 3.1.6 and did the normal install.

It seems to me that the built-ins, such as cdpath, are for some
reason not recognized when the .zshrc file gets re-run.

I do not see this problem when starting up a new xterm, but it
invokes .zshenv prior to .zshrc.

I would really appreciate any help or insights that someone can
provide to me.  I realize I may not have provided enough information
so just let me know what else you may want to see.

Thanks in advance,

org:Santera Systems, Inc
adr:;;2901 Summit Avenue, Suite 100;Plano;TX;75074;United States
title:Member of Technical Staff
fn:Tom Dillard

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