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Obscure issues with "zle complete-word ..."

At the top of _history_complete_word is the following test:

  if [[ $WIDGET = *newer ]]; then

However, the value of $WIDGET matches neither *newer nor *older when the
function is called via

  zle complete-word _history_complete_word

As it is, for example, when placed in compconfig[incremental_completer]
for use by incremental-complete-word.

I've just erased and retyped this next paragraph four times, so I guess
I really don't know what I expect to be done about this.  I suppose the
only way is to create two functions as well as two widgets.

This caused me to notice something else; the documentation for the "zle"
command says:

    WIDGET [ -n NUM ] [ -N ] ARGS ...
          Invoke the specified widget.  This can only be done when ZLE
          is active; normally this will be within a user-defined widget.


          Any further arguments will be passed to the widget.  If it is
          a shell function, these are passed down as positional
          parameters; for builtin widgets it is up to the widget in
          question what it does with them.  Currently arguments are
          only handled by the incremental-search commands, the
          history-search-forward and -backward and the correspeonding
          functions prefixed by vi-, and by universal-argument.

Clearly complete-word (and other builtin completion widgets?) also will
accept arguments.  Are there other widgets that aren't mentioned?  Is it
time to start documenting the arguments in the subsctions on "Standard

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