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Re: PATCH: _archie

In article <199910210832.KAA32127@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It completed files for me, so I've just added the `*.y' case. Maybe
> you tried it without 8340?

Yes.  I received 8340 after I sent 8343.

Thanks.  All reported problems are fixed.  But...

Now, I use zsh with patches up to 8352.

Z(2):akr@is27e1u11% Src/zsh -f
is27e1u11% bindkey -e; fpath=($PWD/Completion/*(/)); autoload -U compinit; compinit -D; compdef _tst tst
is27e1u11% compconf group_matches=yes message_format='%d' description_format='%d'
is27e1u11% compconf describe_options=yes describe_values=yes option_prefix=yes

(1) archie -N<TAB>

is27e1u11% archie -N<TAB><TAB>
is27e1u11% archie -N-D

flex -C<TAB> has same problem.

(2) bison -b <TAB>

is27e1u11% bison -b <TAB><TAB><TAB>
is27e1u11% bison -b V

(3) bison -vV<TAB>

is27e1u11% bison -vV<TAB>

It should complete other option letters.

(4) cvs -<TAB>

is27e1u11% cvs -<TAB>

is27e1u11% _tst () { _arguments -o '*::msg:_files' }   
is27e1u11% tst -<TAB>

Although they complete nothing, they should complete options.
Tanaka Akira

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