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Another _arguments problem.

I found another _arguments problem, maybe.

Z(2):akr@is27e1u11% Src/zsh -f
is27e1u11% bindkey -e; fpath=($PWD/Completion/*(/)); autoload -U compinit; compinit -D; compdef _tst tst
is27e1u11% compconf group_matches=yes message_format='%d' description_format='%d'
is27e1u11% compconf describe_options=yes describe_values=yes option_prefix=yes
is27e1u11% archie -LNV -<TAB>
-D -- debug level
-O -- specifies offset
-a -- list matches as Alex filenames
-c -- case sensitive substring search
-e -- exact string match (default)
-h -- specifies server host
-l -- list one match per line
-m -- specifies maximum number of hits to return (default 95)
-o -- specifies file to store results in
-r -- regular expression search
-s -- case insensitive substring search
-t -- sort inverted by date
-v -- print version

The description for "-V" should be displayed.  Because the option "-N"
takes optional arguments and "V" is treated as an argument for "-N".
Tanaka Akira

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author