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Problem with zmodload & compinit

I started pulling zsh from Tanaka's CVS repository, and was seeing a few
undefined functions due to the separation of all the completion code.
So I started compiling without dynamic loading support, to find these
problems at link time rather than run time.

Once I got a good build, I found that the compinit function fails
because it calls "zmodload -i parameter".  Zsh reports "bad option:-i".
In builtin.c, there is an #ifdef that controls what command line options
are valid for zmodload depending on whether or not dynamic loading is

What is the proper solution to this problem?

Should compinit (and any other functions) be changed to check if it
is in a dynamic loading situation before calling zmodload?  Or should
zmodload be modified to ignore "-i" (and other flags) in non-dyanmic
loading situations?


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author