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Re: Tanaka's cvs-pserver zsh source

In article <991103055404.ZM18136@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  "Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Completion/Builtins/_popd has two entire, different, implementations of the
> function, one after the other.  The second one is the one I have, and looks
> like the correct one, but I don't recall having seen the other so I can't be
> sure.

This is caused by 8424. (like zle.mdd)

> Completion/User/_man doesn't have Oliver's patch from 8139.
> Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo lacks history_list and history_remove_all_dups from 8063.
> Src/Modules/mathfunc.c lacks 8138.

Yes. I forgot to apply these forgotten patches to bart-7.

> Functions/Prompts/promptinit is from 8337, not 8353, but:
> Functions/Prompts/prompt_oliver_setup includes 8363, which needs 8353.

I gave up to track promptinit because the series of patches for
promptinit causes too many rejection...

> META-FAQ is an empty file.

META-FAQ is ignored by .cvsignore.

> Completion/X/_xrdb is missing.

Hm.  It's interesting. I confirmed that "cvs co zsh" doesn't produce
_xrdb.  But "cvs co -r HEAD zsh" and "cvs export -r HEAD zsh" produce

Maybe, "cvs admin -b1.1.1" is not enough to revive a file after
"cvs remove".
Tanaka Akira

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