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Re: completion grouping

On Nov 4, 10:32am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: completion grouping
} Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > I'm also never sure what to expect from "sorted by priority."  In this
} > case a smaller number is a higher priority, right?  But a negative
} > number is treated as bigger than any positive one?  That's a bit weird.
} > Or am I misunderstanding?
} No. Only tags with a positive (or zero) priority are used and then
} smaller numbers mean higher priorities (hm, maybe we should change
} that if people think that that would feel more natural).

Not necessarily "more natural."

} > }   comptag option+='*dvi*=1'
} > } 
} > }     the `+=' means that the definition is prepended to the already
} > }     existing definition
} > 
} > Hrm.  I would have expected += to *append* rather than *prepend* (my
} > C++ is showing).
} Looking at my mail again I noticed that I forgot to mention that `+='
} prepends and `=+' appends. With that said this hopefully looks more
} sensible ;-)


} But I'd like think about changing this function anyway. I.e. I hope to 
} find a somewhat easier interface. Currently this is still too near to
} the way things are stored in `$comptags' and I think the user shouldn't
} have to worry/know about the internal representation.

I don't see how you can avoid having the user know *something* about at
least the ordering of the alternatives for a given tag, so although I'm
not entirely happy with the syntax I don't mind the semantics.

} we probably should think about some standard structure for defining
} styles. Things like multiple styles (separated by commas?), styles
} with values (`[style_a=foo,style_b=bar]' or something like that). If
} this turns out to be useful, I would like change `_tags' to report
} styles in a format that is easier to parse in the calling functions.

I repeat my suggestion that this be enveloped in a mini-language, as with
the _arg_compile function.

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