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Re: PATCH: AIX .export files

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> I'm actually quite optimistic that `printf "%s", locals' will do the trick.
> The error message indicates that the *format* string to printf can't be
> more than 3k, not that there's a limit on the rest of the data.

I replaced line 149 with that and I still get the error message about
'Format item %s cannot be longer than 3000 bytes.'

I also tried Sven's patch for the .export files and got a few undefined
symbols. I won't have a chance until Monday to finish building a full
list of the missing symbols but I'll try to get it done then.

What options should I be using with patch. The patch I'm using (which is
the GNU one not IBM's), couldn't cope with the lines starting 'diff' in
the patch file and it also couldn't cope with the part for compresult.c.
It initially though it was reversed and when I told it that it wasn't,
it failed to apply.

Oliver Kiddle

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