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Re: PATCH: docs (finally)

Sven Wischnowsky (wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> - And finally: I haven't converted the parameters used into styles
>   yet. But I really think we should do that. Consider the `*_accounts' 
>   parameters. Here we look at `my_accounts', `other_accounts' and
>   `<command>_accounts'. I think it would be nice to replace this with, 
>   e.g., a pseudo tag `account' and the styles `mine' and `other' (or
>   something like that). We could then use the normal context-name
>   matching mechanism that is used for all styles as the replacement
>   for the `<command>_accounts' stuff. I.e., you could do:
>     compstyle '*:accounts' mine  ... # global default for my accounts
>     compstyle '*:accounts' other ... # global default for other accounts
>     compstyle '*:telnet*:accounts' mine ... # my accounts for telnet
>   That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

I wrote the original *_accounts and for what it's worth, yes, I think
that would be very nice indeed; in fact I was very tempted at the time
to implement configurability similar (in principle at least) to this,
but now we have a very nice way of doing it properly.  Yum.

> Ok, please have a look at the manual and tell me if/what you don't
> like (or what you *do* like ;-).

I'm saving all your recent _tags changes and I will go through them
when I get the time, I promise :-)  I'm looking forward to getting my
teeth into some obviously juicy improvements.  From reading some of
your pleas for feedback, I imagine it must feel like you're
simultaneously talking to Bart and a brick wall at the moment ;-)

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