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Re: PATCH: prompt theme system improvements

In article <19991119015143.A29956@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  Adam Spiers <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> N.B. I forgot to mention that that last patch added the following files:
>   Functions/Prompts/prompt_bigfade_setup
>   Functions/Prompts/prompt_fade_setup
>   Functions/Prompts/prompt_zefram_setup
> Tanaka, can you please add them to the CVS repository?  Sorry!  The
> following patch also fixes the relevant .distfiles.

Usually, my script adds new files automatically.  So I don't need such
notices.  However, file removing/moving/reverting requires some manual
work and sometimes I forget them...

In reality, I have a directory which contains latest zsh and is *not*
maintained by cvs.  The directory is updated by patches from
zsh-workers and zsh-users and the repository is updated by `cvs
import' for each patch.  So, new files are automatically appeared on
main trunc when a patch create these files.  When some files are
removed, `cvs rm' is needed.  When some files are moved, these files
must be moved manually and `cvs import' is needed.  Sometimes I omit
the `cvs import' because it'll be executed with next patch, though.
When some files are reverted, `cvs add' and `cvs admin -b1.1.1' is
Tanaka Akira

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