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Re: PATCH: Re: cvs <TAB> dumps core.

On Nov 21,  1:07pm, Tanaka Akira wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: Re: cvs <TAB> dumps core.
} Z:akr@is27e1u11% Src/zsh -f
} is27e1u11% bindkey -e; fpath=($PWD/Completion/*(/)); autoload -U compinit; compinit -D; compdef _tst tst
} is27e1u11% cvs <TAB>
} CVS/           Src/           commit        init          rtag
} Completion/    StartupFiles/  diff          log           status
} Config/        Util/          edit          login         tag
} Doc/           add           editors       logout        unedit
} Etc/           admin         export        rdiff         update
} Functions/     annotate      history       release       watch
} Misc/          checkout      import        remove        watchers
} Wow. filenames shouldn't listed.

It's only directory names, and it's related to:

} is27e1u11% cvs --allow-root=CVS/
} Of cause, the option `--allow-root' shouldn't completed.

If you do
    compstyle '*:descriptions' format '%d'
before trying "cvs <TAB>", you'll see that it says

cvs command

So it's listing directories to be the argument of --allow-root=.  This
in turn is because _arguments at line 299 is calling

	compadd -M  -D equal - --allow_root

and then setting IPREFIX to --allow-root= at line 304, etc.  However,
it's beyond my understanding of the interaction between _arguments and
comparguments to tell how it got into that state in the first place.

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