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Re: Can't load module (when the module is static)

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
>This is almost certainly not the final solution, though, and it
>reminded me of Bart's request for handling linked-in modules a bit
>more like loaded ones (at least that's how I understood it). Well,
>here is one more reason to do that. I.e. we could build module structs
>and hash table entries for the linked-in modules, too. Then we could
>maybe get rid of the -e option to zmodload. Maybe? I mean that
>zmodload without arguments would just report linked-in modules, too.

Yes, this should be done.  Linked-in modules should appear exactly the
same as external modules, to the user.  The only differences are that
(1) libdl isn't used to load them and (2) they're automatically loaded
on startup.  That second thing could actually be separated out: we have an
arbitrary list of modules to load on startup, like the list of autoloaded
builtins/parameters/etc., and there's no requirement that the modules
so loaded be linked in.  Only the lowest level loading code needs to know.

Incidentally, this scheme would allow module use on systems that don't do
dynamic loading.  In this case modules *have* to be linked in, because
the dynamic loading method isn't available.

Thst's how I always wanted it to work.


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