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Re: Questions (and PATCH: small change to _complete)

On Nov 25, 10:54am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: Questions (and PATCH: small change to _complete)
} I wrote:
} > When completing in command position, _normal appends `-complete-' to
} > the context name (e.g. `:complete:-command-'). This is fine. When
} > completing arguments of commands, however, it only appends the command 
} > name (e.g. `:complete:dvips'). I'm a bit worried that someday we will
} > find out that we have used a tag name that is also the name of a
} > command and then it's non-trivial to write a compstyle-pattern that
} > correctly matches only the command name.
} Ouch ;-) There was already the cvs tag.
} For now this patch makes command names be preceded and followed by two
} colons. I.e. to unambiguously match the command name you can now do
} `*::cvs:*' and to test for a command/tag combination: `*::command:*:tag'.

This only solves the problem in one direction, doesn't it?  That is, now
you can tell that tag is not a command name, but how do you tell that a
command name is not a tag?

What I mean is, if testing "*:cvs:*" to find the cvs tag, but the context
is "...::cvs::..." because the command name is "cvs", then the tag branch
is going to be taken because "*:cvs:*" matches both "::cvs::" and ":cvs:".
It's a pain to have to test "*[^:]:cvs:*" just to be sure, especially
since that won't match if "cvs" is the first thing in the context (or is
that impossible for a tag name?).
} And I forgot to say that before the next release we should make sure
} that we set up good defaults for styles and probably improve the
} default _sort_tags. But I think this should really be done at the end.

I still need some good examples of styles.  As I mentioned before, I'd
never done much with compconf, so I didn't have anything for the "new"
compconf to convert into styles.  Consequently, I'm now back almost to
the bottom of the learning curve in understanding exactly what I can or
might want to do, and how.

Bart Schaefer                                 Brass Lantern Enterprises
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