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Re: PATCH: math and locale

Zefram wrote:
> * We can use the selected locale for LC_MESSAGES, which only affects
>   things that are definitely for human consumption, and leave everything
>   else using the "C" locale.  This would have almost exactly the desired
>   effect for zsh, and is trivially easy to implement.

Sounds reasonable, since there's definitely no chance of getting things
like alternative decimal points right with locales active.

I don't see a problem with using locales in the ctype macros, so that Ü is
recognized as an uppercase letter, etc. --- is there one?  Relying on
printeightbit for output is about the only alternative, and isn't very
reliable.  Or maybe you simply weren't thinking of that, since it doesn't
determine the output of one character rather than another.

We could consider options to use locales in other cases (e.g. standard glob
sorting), but I suspect a final decision not to use them would be better

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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