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RE: on AIX, builds zsh.xxx.so

> > Vardhan Varma wrote:
> > >	on AIX, default makefiles build a zsh.xxx.so.
> > >	What changes do i do to make is statically linked.
> >
> > Add "--disable-dynamic" to the configure command line.
> 	will that not disable dynamic loading of modules too ??
> 	Actuall zsh being dependent on zsh-3.1.6.so is causing
> 	problem. i've compiled on HP and SunOS too, where
> 	ldd zsh doesn not list anny zsh*so

Some systems do not allow access to all symbols in executables at run time (for
use with dynamic loading). Modules - unfortunately - have to access symbols from
main zsh code. Putting main zsh code in dynamic library is one way to solve this
problem. Some systems provide additional compiler/linker flags to export all
symbols from executable.

Zsh tests if symbols in executables are available; and it will use additional
flags to avoid libzsh.so on known systems. If libzsh.so is built on AIX it
means, that these tests fail and you won't be able to use dynamic modules
without libzsh.so at all.


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