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Re: posixism and unrelated spellcheck editing

On Nov 30,  6:22pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Subject: posixism and unrelated spellcheck editing
} The first is POSIX options to the "command" builtin, basically
} overloading it with a modified "whence" under EMULATE_SH or
} perhaps when POSIX_BUILTINS is set and not otherwise.

I don't think there's any way to "overload" in this way.  Precommand
modifiers are handled significantly differently; you can have either
the zsh behavior or the POSIX behavior, but not both.

} It would be easier to differentiate the two meanings into
} BINF_COMMAND and something else while parsing, but that doesn't
} seem possible without some special handling.

No, I don't recommend messing with this.

} So should BINF_COMMAND check to see if it's followed by
} '-p', '-V', or '-v' and then modify its own cflags?

No, definitely not.  That would require hacking up exec.c, which is the
wrong place to be dealing with this.

I suggest that you handle this by creating a "posix_command" module [1]
which, when zmodload'd, removes the "command" precommand modifier and
replaces it with its own "command" builtin.  (I think that's possible;
if it isn't I don't know why it shouldn't be.)

If you want to have the builtin from this module attempt to emulate the
zsh behavior in the case where none of '-p', '-V', or '-v' is set, it's
a bit harder.  I already struggled with this in eval_autoload() and came
up with a brute-force solution that won't work in the "command" case.
What's needed is a utility function to convert an argv directly into a
LinkNode list that could be stuffed into the `args' field of a Cmd.

[1] Maybe there's even reason enough to create a "posix" module that
does all sorts of posix-shell-compliant stuff.

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