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Clean up compadd options?

I forgot to ask this at least three times now...

Bart talked about this a long time ago. I'm not sure (don't remember
exactly) if he meant something like this or something more

The option characters used for compadd have mostly historical reasons, 
chosen to match those of compctl and compgen. Since compadd is now the 
more basic and preferred completion mechanism there isn't really any
point in having its options match those of compctl. Especially since
some of them are not mnemonically at all.

So I suggest to change the following option characters:

  -q becomes -A  (for `auto-remove')
  -W         -t  (for `path-prefix for testing')
  -n         -h  (for `hide', but maybe -n for `no-list' is ok? -L is
                  free, too)
  -U         -V  (for `verbatim' or something) or -q (`quote' in the
                  sense of: `don't process further')
  -A         -o  (`output') or maybe change -O to -o and -A to -O
  -1         -U  (`unique')
  -2         -u  (`unique')
  -J         -g  (`group', obviously)
  -V         -G  or maybe turn this into an option working like -[12]
                 (-[uU]), to be combined with -g, that switches off
		 the sorting; I like that and suggest -k (`keep
		 order') or -v



Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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