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Re: PATCH: Previous zsh.yo.in patch wasn't good enough

Bart Schaefer wrote:
>The source tree is already modified during building; all the *.1 files go
>in $(sdir)/Doc when the man pages are generated, Etc/FAQ and META-FAQ are
>written to the source tree, etc.

But they don't get modified during a normal build after unpacking the
source -- those files are already up to date in the source tree, and so
don't get rebuilt.  They do get automatically rebuilt if their source
files change, in which case the source tree has already been modified.

The source tree should not be modified by the build process alone;
building should only modify the source tree if the source has already
been modified.

>If you're asking whether we should get rid of zsh.yo.in again so that
>zsh.yo is not a generated file, you'll have to ask Clint.  I'm just
>cleaning up after his patches in 8827 and 8841.

Yes, I think we should be able to do that.


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